Monday, November 29, 2004
This Is What You Get
I had never seen Laura Burhenn before last Saturday night. Her only previous appearance this side of the Mississippi was on the same stage a few months ago. On that night, amidst work deadlines and meetings, I arrived late, just as the last chord of a song melted into a crescendo of applause. Needless to say, I felt like the odd man out, having missed something obviously great. That wouldn't happen again when she returned for a one-off holiday visit where she warmed a nice intimate crowd of Angelenos who weren't bothered by the brisk East Coast-like weather... Beginning with "Helicopters" and "Memory," she immediately showed off her breathy seductive style, but then changed it up a bit with "Meltdown," which alluded to every fiery torch song I've ever loved. Then came "Just For the Night" (the definitive piano ballad if I ever did hear one), which sparked the biggest response from the crowd, mostly in the form of tears rolling down sides of cheeks. For added measure, she threw in a few covers ("Kharma Police" and "Chelsea Hotel #2"), both of which made my knees buckle... Wistfully poetic yet deeply sophisticated, Burhenn is absolutely magnetic.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Surprise, LA
Took a friend to see her favorite singer-songwriter, Damien Jurado, on Monday. But really it was reason for me to take snaps of headliner Richard Buckner who continues to inspire everyone his music seems to touch including me. He makes an art of delicate songwriting and soft strumming, but the key to his allure is that voice... which wreaks of one too many broken hearts and long cries in the rain... Opener Dolorean was equally impressive with their similar brand of sobering Neil Young-esque vibes. Dolorous, for lack of a better term... It was the last date of the month long tour. Tear.

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