Los Angeles Loves... Maimou
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Los Angeles Loves... Maimou

What kind of band completely disappears after releasing one of the best records of 2004? The Maimou kind of band, that's who. Actually, they didn't really disappear per se, they just kind of wandered off. Zac Baird momentarily played keys for Daniel Powter and currently tickles ivories for KoRn. Juliana Sheffield moved back to Austin and then to NYC (how dare she) and somehow wound up in Cirque du Soleil's new rock circus "Delirium."

Their one and only album, Persephonics, is simply a beautiful collection of wonderous trip-hop and ambient pop. It's a hard album to find outside of iTunes and don't bother going to Amoeba because we bought them all long ago. But lucky for you, Sheffield and Baird made time for a one-night only reunion of sorts. So here's your chance L.A. to make up for all the brilliant shows you missed prior to their slow dissolve. Don't blow it.

Maimou performs at the Temple Bar on 9/26.

Maimou on MySpace.

Maimou - "Crush" (MP3)
this was supposed to be secret. (sigh)... C
amanda stott and dessy Dilauro are also amazing-cool bill!!-M
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