Friday, January 29, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update

Well, this last week of January was a rather unexpectedly eventful one. The highlight, of course, being Wednesday with the triumphant return of the Imaginary Bear and Barney puppet show at LaBrie's (pictured above). Ms. Haden has been presenting shows with that silly pink bear for as long as we can remember and every time one comes along it seems the entire scene circa 1997 comes out of the woodwork. We saw people we hadn't seen since the first years of The Smell there so that should tell you how beloved that little stuffed animal is. Jim Smith, himself, was in attendance (one of only a handful of times we've ever seen him in a venue that was not The Smell), as was Jack Black and all the rest of the Haden clan. Quite a fun show. It was also mentioned during the skit that IB and Barney once formed a band called The Nervous System. If this is true, we'd like to see a reunion for this year's Coachella. We're not even joking.

This weekend is an absolutely stunner. Choose wisely...

Tonight, listen to Demolisten for an appearance by Freaky Mountain. Later, Patti Smith presents her new book Just Kids at Book Soup. Alex's Bar celebrates their 10th anniversary with a weekend full of great shows including performances by Mike Watt, John Doe, Riverboat Gamblers, Adolescents, and Throw Rag. Figurine and others at pehrspace. Love Grenades opens for VV Brown and Reni Lane at Spaceland. The Damn Sons, Rumspringa, and White Arrows at the Unknown. Chris Cornell at the Troubadour. Sabrosa Purr opens for Polysics at the Roxy. Justine Bennett, Chris Seefried and others at Room 5. Realicide, BIRTH! and others at Women. Slang Chickens, Superhumanoids and others at Echo Curio. Greg Proops back again at g'net. Moses Campbell, So Many Wizards, Drew Denny and others at Hush Hush House. Thee Makeout Party and others at the Redwood. And the Key Club relaunches with a Grammy thing with LL Cool J.

Saturday, The Soft Pack play 10 shows all around Los Angeles and Long Beach. You could literally walk around Los Angeles blindfolded and run into one. The Pity Party, Pocahaunted, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and Morgan Nagler play Cinespace to benefit Haiti. Another Haiti benefit with Ceci Bastida at Tropico de Nopal. Alex Prager's highly-anticipated "Week-End" opening at M+S. pehrspace benefit show with Big Phony, Kill Kill Kill, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Meredith Meyer. 8-bit and The Monolators play their first show together in a long while with Rough Kids, Odd Modern, Dirty Dave and lots of party people at Señor Fish. Robotanists, Vanaprasta, Maldroid, Black Party Politics, and others at The Boogie Den. Nico Stai, Yikes A Lion, and Fences at Spaceland. Man's Assassination Man, Loyal Sons & Daughters, Garbaj Kaetz, and others at 2HeadedHorse. Paul F. Tompkins at g'net. The Roots host an all-star Grammy party at the Key Club that we didn't get the invite for. Live Footage, C. Vincent Plummer, and Detangler at Fais Do-Do. Farmer Dave Scher, Lithuanian Prince, and Hits & Mrs. at The Prospector. The Soft Hands and NOPAL at The Que Sera. Dancism party at Echoplex.

Sunday, it's the Grammys so beware of downtown traffic. Mos Def hosts an after-Grammy shindig at the Key Club for basically all those who can't get into the more VIP parties. Cafe Country, Tommy Santee Klaws and others at Dakota. PTP hosts a Depeche Mode night at The Echo. Katie Costello, Wesley Smith, and others at Room 5. Nightflower, The Vespertines, and Pale Wailers at The Que Sera.

For a more complete listing go to one of the other ten thousand sites that list events.

Happy birthdays this weekend to edIT and Philip Glass.

Justine Bennett - "Invisible"

The Soft Pack - "Extinction"

Big Phony - "But I Will, Everyday"
Monday, January 25, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update

January residencies finish up with great lineups tonight. Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, and Ed Helms headline an all-star comedy night at g'net to benefit Haiti. Warm Streams, Cockwind, Stress Ape, Hot Topic, and Kill Kill Kill at pehrspace. Talibam!, Vaginals, David Scott Stone, and Sun Araw at Echo Curio. Tan Dollar, Darger de Milo, and Simo Soo at Tribal. Joel Eckels, Annaliese, JT Spangler, Lelia Broussard, and Paris Carney at Room 5. La Ghost, Short Circuit, and Radio Freq at Dragonfly. The Downtown Train, The Shrine, and Mountains Of California at Crane's... Jenny Lewis, Azure Ray, Jonathan Rice, Becky Stark, Morgan Nagler, and others at g'net. Tim and Eric host a big double show night at the Silent Movie Theatre to benefit Haiti. Olin & the Moon, The Henry Clay People, and Haim at The Echo. Summer Darling, Shiloe, Vanaprasta, and By Sunlight at Spaceland. We Barbarians, The Union Line, Voxhaul Broadcast at the Bootleg. Guns N' Broses, Stress Ape, Los Fantasmas Carmesi, and I.E. at The Smell. Randy Coleman, Magnolia Memoir, White Lights, and others at Molly Malone's. Realicide, BIRTH!, and others at Hyperion Tavern. Hyperion Tavern. STLS, PROTECME, and Rare Grooves at Echo Curio. Wildest Dreams Come True, My Pet Saddle, and others at The Prospector. Jamie Drake at Crane's. Mateo, Kitten, and others at Hotel Cafe. Django Reinhardt at 100 tribute has a couple of nights at Catalina Bar & Grill. And stay up late for Silversun Pickups on Kimmel... Lucy Schwartz celebrates the release of her new EP "Help Me! Help Me!" at the Hotel Cafe. The Airborne Toxic Event and Aushua at the Troubadour. Michael Runion, Jason Boesel, Z Berg, and JJAMZ at Bootleg. A.M., Dead Meat, The Meka Leka Hi's, and Mikki & the Mauses at Five Stars. Kissing Cousins, By Sunlight, and others at Echo Curio. Twilight Sleep, Asbury, and SISU at Spaceland. The Soft Hands, Shane Walsh, and Stepfather at Marathon. The Hundred Days, The Mulhollands, and Bathroom Murders at Boardner's... Abe Vigoda, Silk Flowers, Bronze, and TEARIST at The Smell. The Mother Hips, Angela McCluskey, Fyfe Dangerfield, and others at the Hotel Cafe. The Parson Redheads, The Chapin Sisters, All Spots To Black, and Social Studies at The Echo. HoneyHoney at Viper. Joe Brooks, Jason Reeves, Lisa Donnelly, and Zsuzsanna the Roxy. Death Kit, Yours Til Death, and The Half-Hearted at The Bordello. Jason Webley and Eliza Rickman at Echo Curio. Jessica Fichot, Fishtank Ensemble, and others Spaceland. Tasso and Barrio Tiger at King King. Devon Williams and others at L'KEG. Holland Greco at On the Rox. Double Naught Spycar and Moris Tepper at Taix. Ballerina Black at Space 15 Twenty.

Happy birthdays this week to Ms. Etta James, Eddie Van Halen, Katy Rose, Azalia Snail, DJ Muggs, and the lovely Sam Phillips.

Pictured above is a shot of Sage Vaughn's video piece at Scion Installation 6, which also featured work from Eric Nakamura, Mark Mothersbaugh, Dust la Rock, and others.

Simo Soo - "Bike City"

Morgan Nagler - "Time Will Welcome Anything"

The Parson Redheads - "Peace in the Valley"

Friday, January 22, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update
Well, what a wonderful wet week we've all had. Actually, we haven't really seen much of it since we've had this little thing called jury doodie the last few weeks. Please don't brag to us how awesome you are because you've never been summoned because this would be our 7th jury pool in a little more than a decade. That might sound horrible but we actually find them fascinating and quite relaxing. Get several hundred grumpy Angelenos trying to avoid 12 seats and just kick back and watch the drama unfold. Moreover, we're still not sure how people fight off the urge of yelling "I'm out of order?! You're out of order!" in court... What else happened this week? Well, we wrapped up another Photo L.A. exhibit where we had two photos on display at this year's big event. Also, we participated in another open mic standup night where we were given a few minutes to show the world how unfunny we are. Actually, we didn't do too badly this time and were asked to come back next week. We, of course, declined since it took two months to prepare for that debacle along with attending every Comedy Death-Ray show since October trying to learn how to be funny. Anyway, so we've been busy. We'll try to be as unbusy as possible, however, for this weekend's happenings...

Tonight, listen up for Blackbird Raum on Demolisten then check them out later at pehrspace for Elaine Layabout's Hoedown with Cobra Lilies and others. The Street & Babe Shadow in-store at Origami Vinyl. The Smell anniversary/NHY festival at The Smell with Robin Williams On Fire, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, Realicide, and Simo Soo. Cold War Kids at The Wiltern. Haiti benefit with Nico Vega, Adanowsky, Jenny O., SoKo, Corridor, Pizza!, and LA Ladies Choir at the Echoplex. Avi Buffalo, Killsonic, Restavrant, and others play around UCLA for students only. Andy Clockwise, Brother Sal, Brian Wright & the Waco Tragedies, and others at the Hotel Cafe. "Space Hell" closing reception at L'KEG with Signals, Big Whup, DSS and others. Wet and Reckless, Not the Government, Rough Kids, and NASA Space Universe at the Bixel House. Arrow Down, Beat Killers, Dante vs. Zombies, and Gestapo Khazi at the Redwood. Bestial Mouths, Didmao, Solar Wimp, White Leopards, and others at Synchronicity. Family of the Year opens for Jemina Pearl at The Echo. James Pants record release with DJ sets by Dam-Funk and Mayer Hawthorne at TS2. Amanda Jo Williams, Cricket and the 2:19, and others at Where. SISU, A Thousand Faces, and others at Mr T's. Rocco Deluca & the Burden and others at Saint Rocke.

Saturday, another Haiti benefit with Fiona Apple, Jon Brion, Sara and Sean Watkins, and Tom Brosseau with special surprises at g'net. KillRadio fundraiser at TOW with LACO$TE, Dirt Dress, 60 Watt Kid, Restavrant, and others. Night two of The Smell anniversary /NHY festival with Lucky Dragons, Mi Ami, Foot Village, and Missincinatti, and VNC. All Leather, Halloween Swim Team, and Conejos at Five Stars. The Street & Babe Shadow record release, Samuel Stewart, and others at 2023. In Waves and boxViolet at Silver Factory Studios. Summer Darling, Kissing Cousins, and Two Guns at the Basement. The Underground Railroad to Candyland, The Valley Arena, and So Many Wizards at The Prospector. No Age, Best Coast, and Dum Dum Girls at the Montalban. Wrong Way Driver, Modern Time Machines, Socadia, and Letting Up Despite Great Faults at Spaceland. Lissie opens for Ciy and Colour at the Music Box. Jesse Thomas at Room 5. Fantastica Bastidas, The Terrapin, Tommy Santee Klaws, Torches in Trees at Mr T's. Gene Loves Jezebel at The Que Sera. Jubilee Singers and Mau Haus at All Star. DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, and Nick Warren at Avalon. Also, there's "Scion Installation 6: Video" at SI.

Sunday, Agent Ribbons and Ms. Carolyn from The Finches do an in-store at Origami. The Minor Canon, Rademacher, Andrew Lynch, and Quiet Americans at Spaceland. I See Hawks in L.A. and Matt the Electrician at McCabe's. Kat Parsons, Eleisha Eagle, and others at the Hotel Cafe. Allah Las, The Passports, and Zoro at Dakota. La Ghost, Bombon, and Animal Style at L'KEG. Sky White Tiger and Girl Problems at El Cid. And new buzz band Radiohead at the Music Box to benefit Haiti.

Pictured above is a one of the custom ESP guitars at NAMM last week. Here's video of it. We'd like a quadruple neck x-pattern version with odd-numbered strings on each neck like 4, 9, 17, and 1.

Here's some great video that LA Record took of Corridor at last year's Manimal Fest:

Corridor - "T and VH" (Live at Manimal Festival 2009)

Here's some crappy video we took of LA Record shooting Corridor at last year's Manimal Fest:

Corridor - "T and VH" (Live at Manimal Festival 2009)

Missincinatti - "Red Iron Ore"

Andrew Lynch - "My Head Around"

Monday, January 18, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update
Thanks to Roman Candles for inviting us to help with Saturday's show. The band made their debut with electricity which was radical; Les Blanks played a bunch of new songs off the new record they just finished up which was radical; Le Switch played probably the most enjoyable rock set we've ever heard them do which was radicalacious; and Merry Christmas finished off the night by punching everyone in the mouth with a crushing anthem punk set which was, yup, radical. Thanks to everyone who came out and to L'KEG for making things cozy.

Tonight, hit up some Monday residencies why don't cha? Elswhere, Buddyhead hosts a huge lineup at the Hotel Cafe with Hocus Pocus, Slang Chickens, Mini Mansions, and Hot Rats DJing. Deep Sea Diver opens for Spoon at El Cid. Lola Loshkey, S. Pineda, Geoff Geis, and Drew Denny at Tribal. Run Run Run, Purple Melon, and others at Viper. Knight Rider, Penny Sledge, The Symbolick Jews, and The Deepsea Goes at pehrspace. The Downtown Train and Kamikaze Red at Crane's. Tiff Jimber, Michelle Lewis, and others at Dakota. And Victor Wooten continues his residency at the Catalina Bar & Grill. We got our asses totally funked by him at NAMM over the weekend... Tuesday, Olin & the Moon and Dusty Rhodes and The River Band team up at The Echo. Moses Campbell, Penny Sledge, and others at The Smell. Pepper Rabbit, Boomsnake,and Gamble House at the Bootleg. Rachael Cantu, Kim Divine, Samatha Stollenwerck and others at the Hotel Cafe. Aziz Ansari at g'net. Superhumanoids, White Arrows, Hi Ho Silver Oh, TFFW'z at L'KEG. The Karabal Nightlife, Where Astronauts Go To Hide, and other sat the Silverlake Lounge. Lemon Sun opens for The Hot Rats at Spaceland. Jamie Drake at Crane's. Dva Damas, Bellhaunts, and Wild Pink Horse at The Prospector... Wednesday, The Ettes return to town with The Blood Arm at The Echo. Har Mar Superstar headlines Club NME at Spaceland. Jel, Odd Nosdam, and Free The Robots at The Airliner. Spring Summer, Aska, Ben and Bruno, and Aaron Beckum at The Standard. Japanese Motors opens for The Black Lips at Detroit Bar. Ghost Town Jenny, Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob, and Timmy Red at The Que Sera. And Suki Ewers continues her residency at Taix... Thursday, The Idaho Falls celebrates the long-awaited release of The Spark at Spaceland with Red Cortez and Old Californio. Music Go Music and Wounded Lion at The Echo. The Californian, Maus Haus, Melanoid, Pomegranate at the Silverlake Lounge. Bigbang, Persephone’s Bees, Annie Stela, and Terra Naomi at the Roxy. Lemon Sun opens for The Hot Rats at the Troubadour. Nina Storey, Joe Firstman, The Herafter, and Luce at the Hotel Cafe. Fantastica Bastidas, M31, The Cigarette Bums, and Peg Leg Love at The Smell. Jes Hudak and The Powerups at Cafe Muse. Benny Page, Clutch, and Pablo Hassan at Respect. Felt Drawings, Former Ghosts, Amir Coyle, and Nicole Kidman at New Space. Hawnay Troof, Red Hot Thilly Peppers, Narwhalz, Shams, and others at Women.

Happy belated birthdays over the weekend to Rebecca Coleman (Avi Buffalo) and Jon Hershfield. Celebrating birthdays this week: Suzanne Santo (HoneyHoney), Rainn Wilson, and our ex-girlfriend Chan Marshall. Also, Janis Joplin would have been 67 this week. This year marks the 30th anniversary of her untimely passing.

Pictured above is of course the one and only Becky Stark who hosted her first annual Miracle afternoon musical party on Sunday featuring some of L.A.'s most cherished singer-songwriters. It was the perfect show for a quiet rainy afternoon.

Slang Chickens - "Tropics"

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - "Street Fighter"

Har Mar Superstar- "Tall Boy"

Friday, January 15, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update
Tonight, listen up for Peg Leg Love on Demolisten. Jesca Hoop, Andy Clockwise, Brother Sal (who got a nice shout out on Fallon last night), Steve Reynolds, and others at the Hotel Cafe (who also sort of got a nice shout out on Fallon last night). Abe Vigoda, Alps of New South Wales, and Dunes Echo Curio. Dios, Forcefield ON, and others at Alex's Bar. Bears on Hind Legs and others at No Future. Night Horse, Dusted Angel, and Normandie at Spaceland. God Equals Genocide, Pu$$y-Cow,and others at Juanita's. Marvin Etzioni and others at Room 5. Charlyne Yi at UCBT. Mount Righteous and Seasons at the Bootleg. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik and others at The Airliner. New Planets, Tigers Can Bite You, Luke Janela, Modern Time Machines at pehrspace. The Outline, Mini Mansions, and Superhumanoids at the Unknown Theater... Saturday, we're presenting with a great night at L'KEG. We hope you can come. Elsewhere, Hockey, Asa Ransom, and Eastern Conference Champions at Spaceland. Radars to the Sky, The Voyeurs, Oliver Future, and Tigers Can Bite You at Dakota. Last show at Black Castle with the only and only Order From Chaos. The Black Castle Also, Humanity Music Festival at the Riverside Convention Center. Yellow Red Sparks, The Janks, and others open for Asobi Seksu at the Hotel Cafe. "Love Songs of a Third Grade Teacher" premieres at the Independent. Voice On Tape, Subtle Selves, Moses Campbell, and Watercolor Paintings at The Smell. Dam-Funk, The Keyishe, and others at Freak City. Foot Foot, The Finches, Ash Reiter, and Loyal Sons and Daughters at Echo Curio. Jubilee Singers at the Zephyr. Papa, Chief, and Kevin Earnest at the Bootleg. Wet and Reckless, ExDetectives, Cue the Moon, and The Condors at Mr. T's... Sunday, "Miracle: An Afternoon Acoustic Celebration at Space 15 Twenty. Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody, Rabbits, and The Arms at Spaceland. War Tapes, Repeater, Deep Sleep Ops, Sand cattered Like Birds at Dakota. And Neverever opens for The Yummy Fur at PTP.

Above is a shot from the wonderful "Put Your Finger on the Button" photo exhibit at New Image Art which opened last weekend.

Normandie - "Thrill of Victory"

Repeater - "Killing Without Question"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Los Angeles Loves... A Night at L'KEG

Los Angeles Loves... A Night at L'KEG
We were asked to help with a show this Saturday that we obviously couldn't say no to given the lineup. We've never done a show with Les Blanks even though we've known those guys since the Muso days. Nor have we done a show with the likes of kumbaya folk duo Roman Candles or fuzz punk rockers Merry Christmas although their shows around town are well-documented. We've also never done a show at L'KEG although that block of Glendale Blvd is like a second home to us. And lastly, this is our first show with Le Switch in quite a long time making this show a bit overwhelming for our virgin hearts to take. Hopefully, you will join us on this night. It should be a good one.

January 16, 2010

Los Angeles Loves...


311 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
$5 / All Ages / 9pm
Facebook Event

Le Switch - "Livin' In Another World"

Les Blanks - "Starry Tilting Sizzle"

Roman Candles - "Dammit" (Blink-182 cover)

Merry Christmas - "Its Existence Makes Love Impossible" (Live at the Zephyr)

Monday, January 11, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update
Tonight, Jesca Hoop returns to town with new (UK-only) record in tow and Maria Taylor on the bill at the Hotel Cafe. Steve Young, Van Dyke Parks, and David Jackson together again at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. Joel Eckels, Jay Nash, Sweet Talk Radio, Gaby Moreno, Amber Rubarth, and Paris Carney in the round at Room 5. Thurston Moore Is a Faggot, Mikki & the Mauses, Tenlons Fort, Tik///Tik, and others at pehrspace. Amie Miriello, Steve Shane, and others at Dakota. Torches in the Trees, Reverend Mothers, and others at Tribal. Lover's Ball, South Shores, and Makintouch at Dragonfly. And of course all the Monday residencies... Tuesday, listen up for Cold War Kids on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Garrison Starr, Ruby Friedman Orchestra, and others at the Hotel Cafe. Olin & the Moon and Eleni Mandell at The Echo. Obi Best, Queen Kwong, The Monthlies, and Meredith Meyer at Spaceland. Nicole Kidman, BIRTH!, Hot Topic, and others at Women. Jamie Drake at Crane's. And Cat Party, Past Apostles, and others at The Prospector... Wednesday, Le Switch and The World Record at Pershing Square. Tig Notaro, Uh Huh Her, and Mary Lynn Rajskub at g'net. Chris Pureka, Sheila Nicholls, and others at the Hotel Cafe. Michael Runion continues his residency at The Standard. The Meeting Places, Wrong Way Driver, Robotanists, and others at Spaceland. Flesh Unitard and Nikos Eliot Three Clubs. Suki Ewers and Boll Weevil at Taix. David Garza and Carla Morrison at La Cita. Boats!, Rough Kids, and Batwings Catwings at Echo Curio. Boomkat at The Shore. Space Waves, Half Hearted, and Molino at the Silverlake Lounge. Oh Darling, Mia Maestro, The Passports, and Nadine at the Bootleg. EZ Tiger at LaBrie's. And Steven Severin's "Music To Silents" screens at the Silent Movie Theatre... Thursday, Van Dyke Parks, Clare & the Reasons, and Josh Mease at McCabe's. Twilight Sleep, The Arms, and A Decent Animal at the Silverlake Lounge. Kimya Dawson, Young Heart Breaks, and Angelo Spencer at The Smell. Creedle and Upsilon Acrux at the Bootleg. Agnostic Front and Death By Stereo at Redwood. Steve Morse at Brixton. The Finches, Red Pony Clock, and The Paddle Boat at Sync. Ghestapo Khazi, Stab City, The Champanties, and The Choke at Alex's. Franklin Music School, The Antiques, Canons and Clouds, Toy Robot, and others at Mr T's Bowl.

Happy birthdays this week to the lovely Lili De La Mora (get better soon!), Rob Zombie, Zack de la Rocha, Jason Freese, and Shannon De Jong (ex-Amateurs). And although he's not from L.A. we'll throw a warm birthday hello to Wayne Coyne who turns 49 on Wednesday.

Pictured above is We Are the World at the Downtown Independent on Friday. They've changed their choreography, costumes, and arrangements nearly every time we've seen them in the last two years, making them nearly impossible to predict show to show. And, as you already know, predictable bands are the enemy. Seriously, though, right now WATW's live show is untouchable and it's not even close. Our favorite record of 2009 was Clay Stones. It's due February soon on Manimal (apparently the release date has changed again).

Jesca Hoop - "Hunting My Dress" promo

Eleni Mandell - "Don't Let It Happen" (Live at the Bootleg Theater, 11/10/09)

Oh Darling - "Waking up on a Train"

Friday, January 08, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update
Well, 2010 has gotten off to a surprisingly slow start. We've already missed more shows this week than all of last year. Hopefully we'll make up for things this weekend by stopping by a few big shows. Such as...

Tonight, listen up for The Michael Nhat on Demolisten. Later, Bassface gets rewound from their previous post-Xmas endeavor which got shut down by 5-0 (same lineup, different location). The Happy Hollows, Useless Keys, Gangi, and The Soft Hands tempts the eastside to travel westward to Viper. Fear, The Dickies, and others at the House of Blues. Sonic Youth at the Fox Theater. Lyraflip/Real Reid "Modern Day People" EP release at The Airliner [be on the look out for this kid Lyraflip who we've seen a few times around town doing underground MC battles -- this dude is siiiick]. David Garza at g'net's Little Room. Cobalt Cranes, Allah Las, and others at Spaceland. 60-Watt Kid, Queen Victoria, and others at Sync. Sarah Silverman, Ed Helms, and others at g'net. Believe It Or Not I Care, No Enemy, (AxRxM), and others at L'KEG. Andy Clockwise, Brother Sal, Austin Hartley Leonard, and others at the Hotel Cafe. We Are the World, Baseck, and others at the Independent. Seasons, Marvelous Toy, Elaine and The Layabouts, and Melanoid at Juanita's. Sweaters and Hot Sauce Mentor at The Echo. 24th Annual Elvis Birthday Bash at at Echoplex. Adam Marsland's Chaos Band at TAIX. Amanda Lamb, This Blank World and others at No Future. The Meka Leka Hi’s, Bastidas, Peg Leg Love, The Crystelles, and others at Unity. And "A Cry For Help" and "Under the Influence.." both open tonight.

Saturday, Meho Plaza does a free in-store at Origami. The Glitch Mob and others at the El Rey. Moses Campbell headlines a Richard Nixon Birthday Bash at American Legion. Alyssa Suede, Alisan Porter, Ferras, Jarvis Church, and others at the Hotel Cafe. Interface 30 at another undisclosed warehouse. 60-Watt Kid, Glasser, and White Leopards at Spaceland. The Motels at Brixton. The Ringers, The Vacation, and Lady Sinatra at Viper. Dragstrip 66 17th Anniversary and Finale at Echoplex. Lower Heaven, Drew Andrews, My Pet Saddle, and Eagle Winged Palace at Redwood. Railcars, Tan Dollar, Italic Indians, and Weed Diamond at Echo Curio. Spring Queen, Jibber and Twitch, Megasapien, and Downtown Train at L'KEG. Timonium plays after an art opening at pehrspace. And Captain Ahab is shooting a music video at The Smell around noon. Break out your 50's vintage wear if you'd like to take part.

Sunday, Zola Jesus, Pocahaunted, Sissy Spacek, and DJ Dean Spunt at The Smell. Love Grenades and Wet Look at PTP. The Hectors, Divisadero, Seasons, and The Terrapin at Spaceland. Upsilon Acrux, Oso, and The Littlest Viking at Alex's Bar. Mia Maestro, Quincy Blaque Trio, and others at the Hotel Cafe. Helios and The One AM Radio open for The Lymbyc Systym at the Bootleg.

Happy birthdays this past week to Sir Nels Cline and Solon Bixler (Great Northern). Happy birthday this weekend to Ms. Jenny Lewis and the goddess that is Pat Benetar.

Lyraflip - "I Want It All" (Live at The Airliner)

Glasser - "Apply"

Divisadero - Live at Silver Factory Studios, 3/14/09

Monday, January 04, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Monday Update
Before we get back to the grind...

We have to say a little something about Lhasa De Sela who passed away at the age of 37 over the weekend. She only played in Los Angeles a few times but it was still enough to leave an impression on us forever. We first met her while covering the Lilith Fair tour in 1997 after which we named her debut record La Llorona as one of our favorite records of all time. Her passing is a huge loss for anyone who ever knew her or her music. Listen/watch her music here.

January residencies: Year Long Disaster, The French Semester, Olin & the Moon, The Steelwells, Sara Watkins, Royal Crown Revue, Oren Lavie, Rival Sons, Andy Clockwise, The Northstar Session, Randy Coleman, Chris Pureka, Semi Sweet, Lauren Shera, Eddie Wakes, Amie Miriello, Suki Ewers, Coby Brown, Double Naught Spycar...

January record release shows: The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Lelia Broussard, Le Face, JT Spangler, The Idaho Falls, Lucy Schwartz, Andy Clockwise...

Big January events: Neon Hates You Festival/The Smell Anniversary, 10 Days of 2010, Pee Wee Herman Show at Club Nokia, First Fridays at the Natural History Museum, The 24th Annual Elvis Birthday Bash, The Richard Nixon Birthday Bash, Joe Sib's California Calling, Steven Severin's "Music To Silents", "Blood of a Poet", "A Cry For Help," Dragstrip 66 finale, Black Castle finale, Slayer/Megadeth/Testament, Beth Orton, Patti Smith's "Just Kids," People's Choice Awards at the Nokia, Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton, SAG Awards the Shrine, and MusiCares honors Neil Young as Person of the Year 2010.

And we're helping with one show this month at L'KEG with Le Switch, Les Blanks, Roman Candles, and Merry Christmas.

Year Long Disaster - "Leda Atomica"

Slayer/Megadeth/Testament American Carnage Tour Promo

Friday, January 01, 2010
Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update

Los Angeles Needs... A Friday Update
Hello, 2010. Nice to meet you. Her? No, that was just my ex, 2009. We kind of grew apart over the last day or so but we're still friends. Listen, let's not talk about her. You're pretty. Are you a model?... All kidding aside, we hope you survived last night and weren't among the 100+ Lindsay Lohan wannabees who got tagged. On a much more serious note...

We are deeply saddened to hear that Gregory Slay, drummer for Remy Zero, passed away this morning at the age of 40. After RZ disbanded in 2003, Slay later fronted Sleepwell while also playing in Isidore and Dead Snares. We also caught him last year drumming for O+S with fellow RZ bandmates Cedric Lemoyne and Jeffrey Cain. We'll miss you. Watch video of Sleepwell here.

This weekend is thankfully very light on shows...

Tonight, Mika Miko say goodbye with one final sold-out show with a lineup that will likely bring any Smell kids from 2005 outta of the woodwork. Elaine Layabout presents a monstrous lineup with Andy Clockwise, Asa Ransom, Seasons, and The Ignorant at the teeny-tiny Echo Curio. And Squirrel Nut Zippers at the El Rey... Saturday, One Trick Pony, Star Parts, and others at Echo Curio. Knight Rider, High Castle, KIT, and others at The Smell. And ColorChromatic, Oh Canada!, and The Littlest Viking at L'KEG... Sunday, Angela Correa, Silver Pines, and others at Echo Curio. Dirt Dress, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and others at Spaceland. Caroline Ashkar and others at Molly Malone's. Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Underground Railroad to Candyland, and others at Harold's. And Brass Knuckle Voodoo, Boobie Trap, and Switchblade 77 at Alex's.

Oh yeah, we're no longer doing that annoying thing where we put lyrics of a song/video we're posting in the title anymore. That was so 2001-2009.

Mika Miko - Live at The Smell, 12/31/09

Andy Clockwise - "My Generation"