Los Angeles Loves... Marathon Live
Monday, April 11, 2011
Los Angeles Loves... Marathon Live

Los Angeles Loves... Marathon Live
So back in December we were given the privilege to present two shows at one of our favorite weeklies Marathon Live, which of course you already know has hosted since 2007 the likes of Glasser, Parson Red Heads, and members of Warpaint before anybody heard of them. Well, we're back with another great lineup comprised of bands likely to make some cool tastemaker's class of 2011.

Other Mountains is the duo of Matthew Oden and Marc Kohlbry (formerly of San Diego's metalcore band Destroy the Runner) who with the assistance of other former members of DTR, Castledoor, local singer-songwriter Anna Su, and others released their debut full-length album Fernweh in March. The result is a rather bold and compelling ambient pop/post-rock-leaning record with flourishes of some beautifully epic movements, not unlike those you might hear on any one of your favorite GYBE or A Silver Mt. Zion albums. Get the new album here.

Psychic Friend made their debut earlier this year to a packed early crowd of friends and hardcore Imperial Teen fans at the Silverlake Lounge. And, if you've known us longer than 15 years, you know that we believe Imperial Teen to be one of the most underrated bands in rock music history so of course we were geeking out front and center. Every song we heard that night were absolutely stunning pop gems as only frontman Will Schwartz knows how to write with "Once A Servant" being an obvious Song of the Year candidate. Rounding out the trio is drummer slash goddess Patty Schemel who'll be coming to a theater near you very soon and session man extraordinaire Bo Boddie. Incidentally, next week they open for Sarah Silverman who we met at an Imperial Teen show almost exactly 10 years ago when they opened for The White Stripes at the Troubadour.

In the early days of l'Buffalo, we called her the secret weapon and occasionally l'élément-clé, but now she's singing her own songs and goes by the name Pageants, thus fulfilling her destiny as the girl indie kid's will be daydreaming about for the next ten years to come. At the end of 2011, there will five great new bands of the year to name. Pageants is one of them. Check out video from their debut show.

Since new is the new new (and using the word fledgling sounds weak), we have yet another upstart band on the rise with Palace Walls. They're so new we actually haven't even seen them nor do we know if they've even played a show but since the combined show count of all the bands playing on this night is less than 10 we're not worried so much. Especially since they just released a handful of demos entitled "The Everly Tapes" (we love "Hummingbirdsexx" "MEATRAVE") that fit right in with the spirit of Marathon Live.

All this plus Marathon Live DJ's for free. You're welcome, Los Angeles.

April 13, 2011

Los Angeles Loves...


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