Los Angeles Loves... Girls
Thursday, June 13, 2013
Los Angeles Loves... Girls

We do. It's true. Statistically, we've probably covered more female-led bands over the years and judging by the new wave of talented young ladies on the horizon, that isn't going to change. But this weekend's friendly toe-to-toe battle between girls and boys at pehrspace isn't really meant to cause a divide between the sexes. We could easily remove the "vs" and replace it with "and" or "plus" or "+" but that's not sexy. And we all like sexy.

This weekend we have gathered eight bands on two nights at pehrspace, beginning with Friday and four of our favorite new female-led bands on the planet. Ladies first...

Watching any one of their Grocerybag.tv videos will quickly get you up to speed on all things Mars Argo. She's hot in a nerdy/artsy pixie girl way. Funny as shit. And her other half, Titanic Sinclair (who is quite the singer/songwriter himself), let's her be the star she's clearly meant to be with videos like the infectious "Runaway Runaway" and "Using You" along with the public access-styled "Computer Show" series that perfectly encapsulates youth discontent/ambivalence with the universe (like Amanda Bynes and Twitter and Facebook). We love this band.

We also love El Elle, aka Ms. Lisa Light. Since our last show with the ex-Lovemakers goddess, she moved back to Oakland breaking many hearts, especially ours. Nevertheless, she looks to be re-energized by the move with new music in many forms on the way. We're excited to see her in any form particularly the one where she's in the city of angels. She brings along fellow Oaklanders, Everyone Is Dirty, who make their Los Angeles debut this week with a few shows. While we have never seen the band in person yet, we can pick out traces of Tuscadero, That Dog, and Breeders in their sound and that is all we need to know that we're gonna love them.

Lastly, coming all the way from London and also making their LA debut (not including their Mustache Monday performance this week) are Lola's Bad who we became aware of when their track "Cyber Sensation" hit our inbox. Local fans of Hecuba, Zola Jesus, and Rainbow Arabia are probably well aware of this band hitting American shores and are very likely fine-tuning tektoniks in prep for this momentous occasion. We're so honored to have them.

And to cap the all-girl extravaganza, we'll have an old lady friend of la-underground coming out of hybernation to DJ the night. We'll be #tbt-ing a pic of her that she's never seen today on Instagram. If you don't realize that this lineup is perfection then you'll find out on Friday because it is. Perfection.

Three touring bands. Bring some extra dollars for merch if you've got it.

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June 14, 2013

Los Angeles Loves...

LOLA'S BAD - 11:30pm
EL ELLE - 10:45pm
MARS ARGO - 10pm

325 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
All Ages/9pm/$5